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How CinemaWesterns.Com Works

Every week (give or take), this site features a plot synopsis of a western film or television show. The westerns featured on the site are chosen from different eras, including silent films (from 1899 to the early 1930s), "golden age" westerns (1930s to 1960s), modern westerns (1970s to present), and TV westerns.

In addition to providing general details about the featured western, the films and shows are cataloged using a number of plot keywords. As this site grows, users will be able to search for films using these plot keywords. For example, if a viewer enjoys "singing cowboy" westerns, or "cattlemen versus farmers" plotlines, he or she will be able to find westerns that have been cataloged using these keywords.

Finally, will also feature occasional written features and other items of interest about movie and TV westerns.

Please keep in mind that is a labor of love. I am not a film historian, nor am I a western historian. I am simply a lover of movies-- westerns in particular-- and I created this site to share that interest with others. I will attempt to be as accurate as possible when providing information herein, but inevitably there may be mistakes or omissions. If you are using this site for research purposes, please also check with the original films or other sources whenever possible.

Thanks for visiting!


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